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The Good, The Bad, and The City

Yay! We arrived! Our new home! It may be midnight and we don't know how to turn on the lights, but, who cares, we are home.

Wait. Do you smell that? It's like old socks, moth balls, and the carpet that time forgot threw a party. That's ok. We'll open a few windows and light a candle. No biggie.

Nothing is going to feel better after a 15-hour car ride than a shower. Hmmm. No hot water. Oh! A gas water heater needs to have gas to work. Will call the gas company first thing. Besides a freezing cold shower is good for the blood, right? Right.

Ok, first order of business, get a move on the fence we so desperately need for our two adorable mongrels (who are still in Utah while we create a somewhat safe livable condition for them) and for much-needed privacy (Christopher, after all, was already approached while washing his hands at our kitchen sink. in our home. by an overly friendly lady who wanted to talk bleeding hearts, for real). Six feet should be adequate, right?

So, it turns out that the city isn't fans of six-foot fences on corner lots, as they can be a safety concern. They prefer three feet. We still prefer six. See the dilemma?

After two visits to the city planning department to request a variance, including a nifty hand-drawn sketch detailing where we want said six-foot fence and a possible work-around if they deny said fence, we are waiting to hear their decision. If they refuse, we will have no choice but to put in a three-foot fence and plant an orchard of fruit trees. And maybe, just maybe, send them this photo of our pups (they are professional guilt trippers, after all. Just look at Figgy's eyes).

Ya see, we spent months looking at photos of this house and planning each detail down to the very studs. This six-foot fence was a major part of my perfect home, as I need to have an outdoor space that is all mine (I like to drink wine in my private garden, ok? It's not weird). We had taken time to sketch where the plants and trees in our garden would go, but all of that will change if the city is on the wrong side of our fence.

Lesson one on renovation: In our heads, we could transform it the way we wanted with only budget as our main obstacle. Kate and Christopher meet City. Wave bye bye to blissful ignorance.

Tomorrow we start tearing up the carpets and scheduling everyone who is anyone that has to play a part in the restoration of this home. Today, we drink a local wine before heading off to bed on our air mattress to dream of a world with tall fences.

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