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Goodbye to Orange Wool Carpets

This photo has not been doctored, filtered, or saturated in any way. This, my friends, is the true color of the carpets. We think they are about 50 years old, and made of wool. They have held up surprising well, minus a few massive stains here and there. The white shag carpet in the once-pink bedroom, on the other hand, has seen better days, or maybe better minutes. It's pretty nasty. Now, I know you are all screaming at your computers that we should keep them, but sadly they must go, especially if they are hiding what we so dearly hope to find.

We have all watched those home improvement shows, where they pull back the carpets and voila! it is glorious hardwood floors. It is the ultimate home renovation dream. To be that lucky seems nearly impossible. Well, folks, here is the big reveal...

Original Douglas Fir Floors! Not technically hardwood, but who the hell cares? They are in nearly mint condition, and they are beautiful. When we bought the house, we knew there was a slight chance this would exist, but we had no way of knowing the condition. This sweet home has been stripped of all of its original charm, and the floors could have just as easily been another sacrifice.

But, no! They are stunning, and run the entire first floor--except in the kitchen where they are covered by what is probably asbestos mastic, so impossible to remove and save the floors--and even parts of the second. There, of course, is paint splattered everywhere, and a few spots that require a little extra love, but we feel like we just won the lottery.

Another really cool find is we discovered the ghost lines of where two built-ins, or possibly a wall must have existed in the living room. This house is starting to share its story with us, and we love to listen. We've decided to keep the ghost lines, because they are a part of its history.

Just a bit of sanding and staining, and these beauties are made for walking.

Want to know more about pulling up the carpet-from-a-funkier-era in your own home? Tips below.

THE CRAFTSMAN'S TIPS: Hi everyone, carpet removal rarely goes this well. But usually all you need is a sharp knife and some duct tape to roll it up and make it easy to move. Cut widths that are easy to manage, wider for short sections and thinner for longer runs. After all of the carpet is up, you're gonna have to fight with the evil finger stabby tack strip so be gentle on your new floor. There might be some staples in the floor from the carpet pad, which you also need to remove. I used an old dull chisel, but anything like that will work. Good luck!

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