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From a Bible to Bullets

One thing is for certain when you renovate an old home: you never know what you might find buried within its walls. You hope for treasures--the sparkly, crinkly, or rarer-than-rare kind--and pray for nothing creepy or crawly, but, more often than not, you discover insight into the previous owners that either is endearing or sometimes frightening. In our last house, we found old pharmaceutical samples buried in cinder blocks (because that's what you clearly do after 40 years as a pharmaceutical rep, clearly). That was more unnerving than the perplexing and strange things we have uncovered so far.

A child's toy gun, a comb, vintage candy wrappers (those toffee rolls sound like they are jam-packed with awesomeness), and the recipe for Easy Oven Stew printed on a Hunt's Tomato Sauce matchbook were found in all of the normal places, such as buried in what was once a bordered-up closet and in the base of a wall.

SIDENOTE: The recipe was such a happy find for me, and felt like a nice nod from the universe. I considered even trying to make it, but the title of the recipe (almost mockingly) reminded me that I am currently without oven (sigh) so maybe save for a later date. But back to the truly odd discoveries...

While removing the bulkhead in the kitchen, Christopher uncovered a 1938 bible from the neighboring town, Newberg. The pencil markings belonging to its original owner are barely legible, but the year and town are crystal clear. One has to ask, though, why was this bible hidden in the construction? Was it considered a blessing to the home? Did our previous owners always want to know where to find it ala Maude and her ring.

As if that wasn't perplexing enough, in the bulkhead across the kitchen, bullets fell from the ceiling as he removed the drywall. One live ammunition and the others the shells of a day at the range. Once again, we are left with questions about why these were placed within the ceiling? They couldn't simply have fallen into the bulkhead before being drywalled.

These were intentional hiding spots for both the bible and the bullets. Two things that may have been important to the original couple, mayhaps? We will never know. We are, however, open to any and all speculation. For the time being, we continue our search to unearth whatever stories the house chooses to reveal. And we will keep you posted on what we may find next.

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